Jeffre Dene

Jeffre Dene is a photographer currently residing in the East Village in New York city where the fast paced anonymous energy of the scene fuels the inspiration of his photography that draws upon a snapshot aesthetic capturing rock musicians in uncompromising realism. With a formal background in printing making, color theory, and paper making, Jeffre Dene composes his rock pictures to create a formalistic design to draw the viewer into a cinematic experience. Musicians and the music they create provides a spiritual identity for him which he wishes to share with his audience. He brings a passion and an intensity to the work which poignantly expresses the intention of the music.

Original imagery from Jeffrey Dene
Original imagery from Jeffrey Dene


The Dream Of Patti Smith

The dream of Patti Smith is the dream to be yourself…her lyrics explore the surrealistic landscape of the individual’s subconscious giving strength to be the dream of yourself…

Sam Beam

Sam Beam, the founder and  leader of Iron and Wine, displays a soulful approach to music…forever reinventing himself, Beam explores the terrain of inter-personal relationships woven over tight melodies…

Cindy Wasserman

This is a photo I took with Cindy Wasserman and my brother after a John Doe show at the City Winery Pier 26 in December 2017.  Cindy, founding member of the California band Dead Rock West, frequently sings back up harmony for John Doe.    


This gallery has its focus my art which deals with depth, composition of color, and the movement of brush strokes…

Post TV Art