The Still of the Night

Matt distilled in the moment reflecting his emotional intensity. As frontman for The National, , Matt focuses the energy  in a cool articulate manner,  Utilizing his talents as lyricist, Matt probes the complex emotions that form basis of the modern relations.

Matt Berninger leading The National at The Bascilla

Abundant Curiosity


Jeffre Dene is an artist with an abundant curioisity with a gigantic appetite for existence. The world that he existed in floods his art. This embrace of his existence is reflected strenuously in his art.



There is nothing like being present in the moment and letting the paint flow…images emerge from the vortex of my being and I become the messenger of their expression…


Outpost In The Burbs

John Doe

John Doe bought his melodic autobiographical songs too the Outpost In the Burs on November 5th. Fittingly inside a church, Doe’s songs chronicle the romantic quests of individuals trying to find love and meaning in a conflicted world.