The Dream Of Patti Smith

Jeffre Dene
Patti Smith
Patti Smith

The dream of Patti Smith is the dream to be yourself…her lyrics explore the surrealistic landscape of the individual’s subconscious giving strength to be the dream of yourself…

Sam Beam

Self portrait
Sam Beam
Sam Beam

Sam Beam, the founder and  leader of Iron and Wine, displays a soulful approach to music…forever reinventing himself, Beam explores the terrain of inter-personal relationships woven over tight melodies…

Cindy Wasserman

This is a photo I took with Cindy Wasserman and my brother after a John Doe show at the City Winery Pier 26 in December 2017.  Cindy, founding member of the California band Dead Rock West, frequently sings back up harmony for John Doe.



The Face of a Young Bob Dylan…

Dylan wears many masks…it forms the essence of his craft…as he grows as an artist, he dons another mask to reveal the new dimension of his personality…so in this genre I am using the television  as a tool because it aides me in compositon, shading, lighting, f and a method to perceive the subject; it forms a method of observatons, whereas otherartists prefer to use live models, I am comfortable with the television set because I believe this more faithful representation of subjects in this over saturated image world….

The Art of The Image

In a world filled with images, Jeffre Dene explores the art of the image…probing the nature of image, Dene brings the viewer’s eye in to absorb the image in its totality.  Through this process, Dene wants to make the viewer aware of the impact the image is having upon the viewer’s consciousness….by doing this, Dene wants to empower the individual in a commercialized world dedicated to obliterating that individual’s identity.

PJ Harvey Is A Totally Acquired Taste

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey demands your attention. She is an acquired taste. She is a very astute individual woman who has no boundaries and a sharp eye for class distinction. Songs such as > clearly demarcate the class distinction foisted upon us by the powers . She is artistic. Never afraid to take chances and always always going forward.